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9 Months December 5, 2008

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Sweet Baby Cass,


You are the reason I get up in the morning. 

No.  Really.  You are the reason I get up.  What with the crying and the screaming.  And how come your Daddy always throws you in the bed with me when you’ve got a runny nose!  You both know it’s the one thing I don’t do well.  Throw up on me, just don’t make me touch your snot.  Cause that’s gross. 

By the way, when in the world did you have time to become 9 whole months old? 

img_4294_edited     img_4309_edited

Ignore the background, Cass.  When you’re older and you read through these and you say, “Mama, hadn’t you guys lived in that house for like 5 months by that time?”  That’s when I’ll have to remind you that you’re never too old for a whoopin’.  Never.  I promise we have finally completely finished unpacking.  Almost. 

And also, why are you such a snaggle tooth?  I love to see your smile when you show off your top teeth.  Don’t worry, Baby.  Mommy and Daddy are gonna get you braces.  Hopefully.  Maybe. If we can afford it.  But then if we can’t we’ll just get you lots of extra candy. 

That’s right, it’s all or nothin’ here in the Dunn house.  And also cause candy is cheap.

img_4329_edited     img_4328_edited

Your Daddy started feeding you pecan twirls.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s not supposed to give you nuts, because he’s got such a good heart and I hate to hurt his feelings.  It didn’t seem to bother you.  In fact, when you see him with a pecan twirl you now stalk your Daddy with the tenacity of Adnan chasing Britney.  Not so quiet resolve.  It’ll get you far.  Now Daddy is your new BFF and I’ve been left in the sidelines with the breastmilk.  So much for sacrificial love.  If I’d have only known the key to your heart was Little Debbie it would have saved me so much.  Time.  Money.  Bra sizes. 

img_4225_edited1     img_4346_edited

Cass, I have something else to tell you.

You are also the reason I SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!


Yes!  Yes yes yes!  You’ve slept through the night on two different occasions now and they were both lovely occasions.  The morning you woke up at 7:15 I was so happy I was ready to get you a bouquet of roses and a tiera.  I didn’t have either of those things so Dad and I just took pictures of you crying while wearing your new hat.  Cause we’re all or nothing, remember?

img_4433_edited     img_4339_edited

You don’t like your hats, but I make you wear them because they’re cute.  And also because it’s windy outside and I want your ears covered.  But mostly because they’re cute. 

img_4171_edited     img_4174_edited

Daddy’s been playing with the Polaroid this month. 


I like the way the pictures make you look.  Very vintage.  Looks like the photos of when I was kid.  Only my parents didn’t relish in taking my picture while I was crying.  In fact, if your Gamma did end up with any pictures of me crying she probably burned them.  She’s not afraid to tamper with evidence, Cass.  She’ll alter the course of history to suit you.  And maybe that’s why she is still the only person you’ll chose over me. 

However, you’ve got a new found independence.  Like when I take you to the nursery at church and you immediately try to find a way out of my arms onto the floor where you can crawl around and play with the other kids.  By “play” of course I mean “dominate”.  Apparently you’re pretty good in the nursery.  You must have secret powers over the people who keep you in there.  Either that or they feed you endless amounts of pecan twirls and you’ve offered your undying love and affection. 

Your new independence came coupled with great mobility.  You are really on the go these days.  You don’t want me to hold you as much, which I thought would give me freedom to clean and cook and do all my domestic duties.  But instead I have less time because you’re always finding a small thing to put in your mouth or a book to rip apart or a cat to beat up. 


Cassidy, can I tell you again how you changed my life?  I love you so much.  I can’t wait to see you change into the woman you’re becoming.  You’re such a joy and a blessing.

But I’d pout too if my mama caught me with that mess.


Love, Mama


8 Months November 11, 2008

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Dear Cass,

First of all…


look at those feet!  You’re getting so big.  You wear a size 3 in shoes and your feet look incredibly big next to your skinny legs.  Maybe it’s cause you’re always poking out your big toe. 

By the way, you feel asleep drinking your juice on the way home from Fayetteville.  It was one of those times when you WOULD NOT STOP CRYING NO MATTER WHAT I DID.  Why do you do that?  Good thing I love you.  It doesn’t do you any harm to be so cute, either.  I can say that cause you don’t look a thing like me.  You are all Daddy, but you act just like me which has got to be the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.  I’m so sorry!

img_3971_edited     img_3972_edited

Last month you learned to stand up.  The next picture is the first time I caught you standing.  You were in your old crib.  The minute you saw me you started spitting, as is your typical voice of displeasure, and you then you cried.  Notice how your crib wall is way too small.  Thankfully, your cousin Caleb is letting you borrow his crib for now.  It’s a good thing because you already know how to jump and you surly would have propelled yourself over the edge of that crib in no time.


You did that about 2 days after you started crawling.  Thank you for giving me time to adjust between milestones.  Mommy appreciates that. 

 You really tear up everything you can reach now, and you’re starting to figure out where we hide stuff from you.  I used to put your crackers in the side pocket of the recliner and you are all too familiar with that now.  You also know where I keep my boobs which has proved humiliating a few times.  But who can say NO to a face like this?

img_3968_edited     img_3967_edited

We got to go out to dinner with Aunt Amy and her sister and niece.  You guys played well together and you are always so excited to see other kids.  The nursery workers at church think you are so friendly.  What is their secret?  I’m kidding.  Most of the time you really are so pleasant and sanguine.  I’m so glad you’re my kid!

img_3960_edited     img_3948_edited

Why are you such a messy eater?  Is that a learned behavior?  Probably.  Daddy sometimes gets whole sandwiches stuck in his beard. 

img_3898_edited     img_3893_edited

Girlfriend, I must crack you up.  And I do.  You crack me up too. 

img_3840     img_3847_edited

I love you, Booty.