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My New Fantasy January 21, 2009

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My absence in blogging is not for lack of things to say.  It’s because I don’t have the time I wish for to organize my thoughts.  My mind is becoming increasingly busy.  Hopefully, I’ll pick up the blogging thing again soon, but until then, here’s a new fantasy of mine. 

wooden-bike-3     wooden-bike-2

wooden-bike-1     wooden-bike

I want to ride this to church and watch people admire it in the parking lot.  🙂  And then I’d attach a basket to the handlebars and ride it like a shopping cart scooter through the aisles of Walmart collecting my Caesar salad, oatmeal and organic carrots in my basket while people wish they too had a wooden bike.  🙂  And I’ll smile and wave at them as I check out.  I’ll even let them stroke the wood grain of my new bike.  🙂  That would be a good world.  🙂 


In other news, I spent half of last weekend with this guy.


Cass has never had so much fun.  I’m still in recovery.


2 Responses to “My New Fantasy”

  1. Mel Mel Says:

    Haha. I don’t know that little guy, personally, but I like him a lot. We have the same style.

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