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Does This Kiwi Make My Butt Look Big? December 16, 2008

Filed under: Cassidy,Day to Day — familydunn @ 1:44 am

I am a big believer in trying new foods.  It promotes healthy eating.  For example, I got Scott to like strawberry soda.  And now when he drinks it he gets a healthy dose of fruit flavoring. 

Cass has never had kiwi fruit so I bought her a few when I was at the grocery store. 

I usually let Cass play with our fruit basket while I’m in the kitchen cooking, preparing a meal, or eating m&ms.  And please believe when I say I spend equal times doing all of those things. 

When I looked down I noticed that there were two kiwi squished on my kitchen floor. 


Then I saw this.


I wonder what happened…


4 Responses to “Does This Kiwi Make My Butt Look Big?”

  1. leslie Says:

    HILARIOUS!!!! I laughed out loud on this one!

  2. Susy Says:

    How could that little baby body squish the kiwi so well? Maybe she wanted a smoothie?

  3. familydunn Says:

    I guess it only takes 17.4 pounds to flatten two kiwi. And, I did make her a kiwi banana smoothie with those so they wouldn’t go to waste! 🙂 She loved it and so did Scott, which was unfortunate for Cass.

  4. Angie Henslye Says:

    That’s so funny!!! Cracked me right up!

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