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Friday Favorites, Issue 3 December 12, 2008

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Hello.  This if Friday Favorites.  Where I tell you something that’s my favorite. 

‘Tis season, y’all.  For me, that means presents and lots of TV.  Cause nothing say, “Jesus is the Reason” like American consumption and catharticsim.  Ah, capitalism.  Oh, commercials.  How very ingrained into every fiber of my physical being you are!  And this is the time of year I celebrate you the most!

Let’s talk about movies! 

These are the movies Scott and I will make a point to watch each Christmas.  There are in no particular order.  Scott’s idea this year was to put them in a stocking and watch whatever we pull out during “movie time”.


Only the funniest movie ever made.  When I watch this I laugh.  And I laugh hard.  I hold back nothing because, let’s face it, it may be the only exercise I get all year.


When I need a back rub, which is every single night, all I have to do is remind Scott that there ain’t no hole in the washtub.  And that’ll clear up any confusion he has.


If you like to be as depressed as possible over “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” then this is the movie for you!  Who doesn’t love a little downcast soul now and then?


It’s the Groundhog Day of the Holidays.  If you wouldn’t like to see Bill Murray as a modern day Scrooge in a modern day Christmas Carol then you may be perfectly sane.  And of course by “modern day” I mean “The 80’s”.  But if you’re crazy and you admire a season of time that is completely incomprehensible for it’s fashion and music choices, I commend you, watch Scrooged.  You’ll thank me later.


I have a confession.  I went 26 years of my life without seeing this movie.  Last Christmas Scott found out I’d never seen it and he went a little crazy.  (Crazy for him is much different than crazy for me.  Crazy for Scott is leaving the house to do anything but go to work.  He lives in the wild side of life.)  So Crazy Scott left the house and went to Blockbuster to get It’s a Wonderful Life, and I haven’t stopped crying from my viewing of last year.  I wish I could have shared my too-pregnant experience with all of you.  It went a little something like this.

K:  I hate this movie.  Nothing is going right.  Why are you making me watch this movie?

S:  Keep watching.

K:  I HATE this movie.  It’s too depressing.  Why are you making me watch this?

S:  Keep watching.

K:  I HATE THIS MOVIE.  I’m not watching it anymore.  It’s making me sick.

S:  Keep watching.

K:  I can’t believe you’re making me watch this.  I HATE IT.  We’re never wathcing this again. 

S:  Keep watching.


Moving on, we have some honorable mentions here:


This used to come on TV every year when I was young.  Every time I see my rear end in a mirror the scene of the bear’s hide getting blown off replays in my mind.  The resemblance is uncanny.  Shudder. 


In the classic definition of classic, it’s a classic.  Clearly, nothing says Oscar Nomination like an 8 year old quoting gangster movies.

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal!


4 Responses to “Friday Favorites, Issue 3”

  1. Susy Says:

    Oh dear…we seem to have a little misunderstanding here. First, Christmas Vacation should be at the top of you list! If you’ve only watched the tv version then you’re missing out…they cut out the good stuff (aka the somewhat dirty, inappropriate stuff). Second, the scene where they blow the hair off of the bear’s behind is from another movie…The Great Outdoors with Dan Ackroyd and John Candy. They use a gun that was made into a lamp to shoot the bear…I’m still not sure how it worked. And yes…I own it…I’m not ashamed.

    Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!

  2. familydunn Says:

    Susy, thanks for the correction. Scott’s always trying to convince me that my imagination and my memory have melded together to make one hell of a reality. My mom isn’t so kind. She just says I “make things up”. I do remember the title “The Great Outdoors”. I think I’ll probably have to watch that along with Christmas Vacation without editing or the memory of a 7 year old!

    While we’re on the topic, I’ve never seen Mary Poppins. I have seen bits and pieces of it and the parts that I remember of that movie and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks are completely intertwined. I cannot tell the difference.

    I am truly a deprived human being.

  3. Isaac Miller Says:

    I think some of these movies may actually be available to watch free online, perhaps try

  4. Leah Lowe Says:

    I love it! Great choices! I quote Elf all year long! I also tell people to “get their no good yella keester off my property before I pump their guts full of lead”! Yay for Christmas movies! Good list!

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