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I Wonder If She’d Get My Tab December 11, 2008

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When I was pregnant Scott and I spent a lot of time at Cracker Barrel.  Granted, not nearly as much time as we spent at IHOP, but still.  The more obvious it was that I was pregnant, the more time we spent there.  And then at some point it was no longer obvious that I was pregnant, but more obvious that I had stuffed a 5 year old up my shirt in some sort of sadistic punishment.  I was fully expecting Cass to show up with a bag full of school supplies and a full set of teeth.    Point being, if I couldn’t have a baby immediately I was going to make danged sure I had me a waffle  or eight.  

Incase you’ve missed the insane pictures of me being really really pregnant… 

This is me in early January.  (I can’t believe that was almost a year ago!)  Note, Cass measured two weeks ahead of my due date consistently from the very first sonogram at 16 weeks.  So at this point the doctors were telling me to be prepared that she might be older than expected and to expect and “early” delivery.


This is us later that night on a date.  Oh, I had such high hopes of end-of-pregnancy happiness.  Kristen, you fool!  If you are one of the many people who end up on this sight looking for information about how to get your doctor to induce you, I’d like to welcome you here.  HELLO.  WELCOME.  And there’s no hope for you.  


This is me on my due date, Feb 25th.  Still not dialated at all.  She hadn’t dropped.  I wasn’t efaced.  Her estimated weight was 10 pounds.  My estimated weight was somewhere between hippo and sperm whale.  And for the record, those aren’t my boobs they’re Cassidy’s feet.      


And that was the last picture of pregnant Kristen’s belly.  Although I would be pregnant for almost 2 weeks longer.  Apparetnly people don’t enjoy taking photos of homocidal idiots.  I don’t want to talk about it. 

Back to Cracker Barrel, I also spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  But never, never did I ever find $97,000 dollars in neatly stacked bills hanging in a travel bag over the stall.  I mean, how many waffles was that woman planning on eating?


One Response to “I Wonder If She’d Get My Tab”

  1. Christy Edmonds Says:

    I laughed so hard when I read this!! You are too funny!! Of course a lot of it was laughter of understanding … I can certainly relate!!

    It seems like we have a lot of things in common 🙂

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