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In the Sinner’s Circle December 10, 2008

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I’ve been reminded over and over during the past weeks that Jesus came for sinners.

Listen, that is some dandy fine news, because as you probably are well aware of “we are all sinners.”  But I’m not just talking about the understanding we have of “we are all sinners” or “we’ve all fallen short of God’s glory” or “don’t judge” or anything else that falls in the category.  The news I have to face everyday is that I’m not only tempted to think I’m better than everyone else, I’m naturally inclined to believe and act like I’m better than everyone else.  When I think I’m better than others it comes through on every level of my attitude and behavior. 

My way is better.  My way is right.  My time is more important.  ARROGANCE.

Your way is wrong.  You are in the way.  I don’t need your ideas.  JUDGEMENT.

The truth is, talking to people who disagree with me, or even just listening, is necessary in order to stretch my brain.  We can’t just write people off because we don’t agree.  I’m so thankful to have friends – from many different ways of life – who are willing to listen and discuss various issues with me.  (In this moment I especially miss my friend Chad, and his beautiful mind.  You, Baby Chad, have given me more intellectual wounds and then bandages than any other person I know.  I’ll be saying “Thank You!” until I die!)

So lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about “sin”.  What is sin?  Why do we disagree so much on what constitutes sin?  How should we handle these disagreements? 

And if you don’t like the word “sin” then we can just say “right” and “wrong” but, personally, I find that to be much more problematic. 

I’ve been racking my brain for far too long.  I’d due to have a good time.   So here’s a conversation I had with Scott “The Beard” Dunn last night.

S: “Butt, we have SO MUCH to do over Christmas vacation!”

Yep.  He calls me “Butt”.  This is a nickname of a nickname.  He’s given me many, and even used them over intercoms at times…

K: “What do we have to do over Christmas vacation?”  I said this very defensively, by the way.

S: “Well…(long pause to think)…we have to watch ALL the Lord of the Rings and ALL the Star Wars.  It’ll take hours!  Like 12 hours!  For each of them!”

K: Silent stare in disbelief.

S: Stressful sigh.  “We’re going to have to get a babysitter.”

I love him.  He’s perfect.  And seriously, if any two people on the planet have enough self-control to watch 24 hours of TV in a 24 hour time period it would be us.  We are that good.


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