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Friday Favorites, Issue 2 November 21, 2008

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Hello.  And welcome to Friday Favorites!

I noticed my video from last week quit working and I think that’s a shame.  I hope some of you got to see it, and if you didn’t I highly recommend looking it up on You Tube.  Look for something like “Andy Samberg punching people before they eat.”  And then marvel in the genius of that sentence. 

Let’s get started on some of my favorites this week, shall we?

Are you feeling down?  Feeling blue?  Have I got the thing for you! 


These signs may have been one of the many things that made C&C Music Factory go “hmm”.  They certainly made me.  They don’t just speak truth, they speak it in a way that we can all understand.  Here’s one for my own personal endeavors. 


I’d like to hang that on the wall in my office.  Also know as my living room.  But wait!  There’s more!  There’s not only a sign for all of us, but also for all places.   


This one is for you who have a real office, with real meetings.  May you gracefully spend your time nit-picking over things that don’t matter and inadequatly arguing over solutions that don’t make sense.


You can hang this one at church!


Congress has a new motto. 

Now that we have been demotivated in constructive behavior, let’s move on to hobbies!

  • Cooking! 

It’s the perfect time to get in the kitchen and experiment.  So far I have made pumpkin butter, pumpkin soup, and sweet and savory brandy bread pudding.  Right now they are sitting in the freezer waiting to be dethawed and devoured.  Before our Thanksgiving meal at my mama’s house I will make homemade eggnog and gingerbread white chocolate blondies.  I would like to make pumpkin biscuits, but for some reason I’m not much of a bread/biscuit maker.  I would appreciate any tips or recipes!

I have to wait to make the sweet stuff until right before the party because Scott and I can’t contain ourselves.  We’re talking about two people who ended up with a baby on the way only one month after dating.  Self-control is not our strong suit, people!

  • These dudes.


Uncle Sock and nephew Caleb eating breakfast.  What is it about bedhead that’s so endearing?   

Caleb has trouble saying “Scott” so he just says “Sock”.  Which is actually a lot better if you think about it. 

Y’all get ready for Caleb.  After I get my pictures organized you’ll see much more of him and he is a trip!  He’s 2.  Do I need to say more than that?  I love 2 year olds and I think my little dude has got to be the coolest of them all. 

I’ll let you know how I liked the movie.  I would tell you what I think about the book here, but I think I’ll save it for a post of it’s own.

Have a good weekend!


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