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Facts About Daily Life: By Kristen and Scott November 19, 2008

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Time we get up: 4:58am                                                          Why we get up:  Cass crows

Second time we get up: 6 something                                       several snoozes later

Exhaustion: unbelievable                                                         I can deal

No heater: Scott moves a space heater to keep us warm         hey! it works

Favorite breakfast: waffles and fried eggs                               not at 4:30am

What we eat: triscuits and coffee                                             cereal, yeah!

Scott’s clothes: hello 1995                                                      1995…good year

My clothes: hello same thing I’ve worn for the last 3 days      um-uh!

Morning routine: Cass crying                                                   planning lesson should’ve done last week

Scott leaving for work: Cass and I crying                                 I miss them already

Passing time: drink 5 cups of coffee                                        2 cups of coffee 1st period planning

Lunch: lean cuisine                                                                   awesome sandwich made by awesome wife

Ponder: what’s a shower feel like these days?                           it feels so good, while there’s hot water

Favorite cocktail: coffee and adderall                                      beer

Favorite cocktail: not gonna happen                                        beer

Favorite cocktail: a girl can dream                                          beer

Cass’ favorite food: paper                                                       mommy

Chores: where do I even start?                                                let me do it

Chores: do I even start?                                                          I ask the same question

Cass: ADORABLE                                                                    Cherub

Last time I brushed my hair: I don’t remember                       I did it, that why she can’t remember

Last time I brushed my teeth: hmmm…                                 Soniccare rules!

Potty break: is it called a break if a baby is on your lap?       Ah, the throne.

Favorite song: Stanley Steamer commercial                           I don’t do advert-is-ments

3 o’clock: watch front door anxiously for Scott                      Don’t show up till 4, big smiles when i get home

Smell: is that me?                                                                 yep

Favorite food: fajitas and burritos                                        steak and potato(e)s, that’s for you Danny

Dinner: lean cuisine                                                             anything Kristen cooks, anything!

Hours spent breastfeeding already today: 28                     our life is different than it used to be

Welcomed change: cool weather                                         still blue sky

Old reliable: boogers                                                          landmines on the bedposts

What I absolutely hate: boogers                                         I love to freak her out

Where I’m from: Earth                                                        they only place that would have her

Where Scott’s from: somewhere it’s OK to scratch your balls in public            Let freedom ring!

TV: excuse to be lazy                                                        damned liberal media

TV: glorious                                                                      choices 

Worst thing Cass put in her mouth today: my toe             remember bedpost ?

Worst thing I put in my mouth today: I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t a cheerio       Ibid

 Number of pounds I lost this month on my diet: 10        she’s lookin’ good y’all

Number of pounds Scott lost this month just switching to diet soda: 15    I’m lookin’ good y’all              

How I feel about that: (insert long uncomfortable silence with deadpan stare here)      uncomfortable silence

Cass bedtime: bunches of kisses                                      so sweet

Breastfeeding: 36                                                               new life

Nighttime: we are professional wrestlers!                          she’s much stronger after pregnancy

Laughs: like crazy!                                                             don’t wake up the baby

Bedtime: Stewart and Colbert                                              I’ll give you a back rub

Back rubs: a must                                                               anytime

Scott going to the bathroom: inevitable                             when you gotta go…

Scott waking up the baby: inevitable                                  you gotta go

Me having to deal with it: inevitable                                   when you need to sleep…

Frustration: outrageous                                           huh?  what’d you say?  I couldn’t hear you.  I was sleeping.

How  handsome Scott is with bedhead: OH MY GOD          she thinks I’m handsome

Love: overflowing                                                               outpouring!

Tomorrow: again please!                                                    can’t wait!


One Response to “Facts About Daily Life: By Kristen and Scott”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I love it. Awesome post. More please. I laughed a lot.

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