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It’s Cheaper Than A Flu Shot November 17, 2008

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If you’re anything like me, and you’re probably much more sane, you don’t take the 20 minutes needed to hook up the seat cover on the Walmart cart before you throw you’re kid in and plug her up with a pasi!  The time it takes to install those 30 layers of fabric to the front of my cart can make or break my day.  Here.  Read this article.  Now all you moms out there can join me in a very loud “EEEEEEEW.”  While it’s inevitable that Cass is going to spit out her pasi in a fit of uncontrolled excitement – or fear – at the first person who waves at her, I am willing to let the girl get some germs in order to help her build up that immunity.  In fact we should all just pick a day and take our kids to store, let them lick the carts and each other, and then we should bathe them in the public restrooms. 

It’s cheaper than a flu shot.

And somewhere my mother just gasped outloud.


One Response to “It’s Cheaper Than A Flu Shot”

  1. I admit…I use a shopping cart cover. Only recently have I not used it. But I always use it at Wal-Mart. I guess my logic is that the carts at WM are nastier! ha Brookshire Brothers in Lufkin has disinfectant wipes right beside the carts but my BB here in Nac doesn’t have them. 😦 I like the idea of the cart wash machines.

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