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8 Months November 11, 2008

Filed under: Dear Cass — familydunn @ 1:30 am

Dear Cass,

First of all…


look at those feet!  You’re getting so big.  You wear a size 3 in shoes and your feet look incredibly big next to your skinny legs.  Maybe it’s cause you’re always poking out your big toe. 

By the way, you feel asleep drinking your juice on the way home from Fayetteville.  It was one of those times when you WOULD NOT STOP CRYING NO MATTER WHAT I DID.  Why do you do that?  Good thing I love you.  It doesn’t do you any harm to be so cute, either.  I can say that cause you don’t look a thing like me.  You are all Daddy, but you act just like me which has got to be the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.  I’m so sorry!

img_3971_edited     img_3972_edited

Last month you learned to stand up.  The next picture is the first time I caught you standing.  You were in your old crib.  The minute you saw me you started spitting, as is your typical voice of displeasure, and you then you cried.  Notice how your crib wall is way too small.  Thankfully, your cousin Caleb is letting you borrow his crib for now.  It’s a good thing because you already know how to jump and you surly would have propelled yourself over the edge of that crib in no time.


You did that about 2 days after you started crawling.  Thank you for giving me time to adjust between milestones.  Mommy appreciates that. 

 You really tear up everything you can reach now, and you’re starting to figure out where we hide stuff from you.  I used to put your crackers in the side pocket of the recliner and you are all too familiar with that now.  You also know where I keep my boobs which has proved humiliating a few times.  But who can say NO to a face like this?

img_3968_edited     img_3967_edited

We got to go out to dinner with Aunt Amy and her sister and niece.  You guys played well together and you are always so excited to see other kids.  The nursery workers at church think you are so friendly.  What is their secret?  I’m kidding.  Most of the time you really are so pleasant and sanguine.  I’m so glad you’re my kid!

img_3960_edited     img_3948_edited

Why are you such a messy eater?  Is that a learned behavior?  Probably.  Daddy sometimes gets whole sandwiches stuck in his beard. 

img_3898_edited     img_3893_edited

Girlfriend, I must crack you up.  And I do.  You crack me up too. 

img_3840     img_3847_edited

I love you, Booty.



3 Responses to “8 Months”

  1. Leah Says:

    She is so precious! 8 months! Can you believe it?

  2. familydunn Says:

    I absolutely cannot believe it. She’s way too old. I saw a little baby the other day and I got baby lust…uh oh….

  3. MOM Says:

    i love that face!!!! mom

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