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Today in History November 4, 2008

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Today will certainly be a day that is marked in history.  Our country is voting to elect a new president, many smaller but still important bills and officials will be decided today as well.  Today is also Cassidy’s 8 month birthday.  Stay tuned for her 8 month letter.  Our lives are increasingly crazy but the letters to Cass are very important to me so I will definitely be getting that done sooner rather than later.

I have a friend coming into town tonight and I’m so excited we’re going to get some time together.  She’s one of the few great friends I’ve had in my, and has been true to me no matter what personality I’ve displayed.  Genuine and loyal.  I’m looking forward to some sweet times with her in spite, or maybe because of, the tragic circumstances we will be together for the next couple days.

Please keep the Attebery and Jarvis families in your prayers.  I cannot imagine the greif they must be feeling, or how they can cope with what has been handed to them.  My soul hurts for them and I never want to be able to relate or empathize.  In the words one of my teachers, “God’s grace is sufficient, but who wants to have to have that?”


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