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Urgent Prayer Needed! November 2, 2008

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Our friends Scott and Jill Attebery were in an accident Saturday afternoon.  Bryce, their newborn boy and Scott are fine, but Jill was seriously injured.  She has some serious head trauma and bleeding in her abdomen.  She was taken to surgery at 7pm and I am asking everyone to pray for her and her family.  Our God is good and loving, and we are begging Him to make His reputation known through this situation. 

If you know the Attebery’s and you want to follow updates you can find them on Jonathan Baird’s blog. 

Lord give us beauty from ashes and gladness from mourning!  You are more than capable!  Please bring healing of all kinds!

UPDATE:  Jill was pronounced dead around 7:30 this morning.  Please continue praying for Scott and Bryce as well as the Attebery and Jarvis families.  Our hearts are breaking and we are begging God to make himself known.  We cannot understand this tragedy but still we will praise him!  God works all things together for the good of those who love him.  Even death. 

Even so, we ask you to come quickly Lord Jesus!


One Response to “Urgent Prayer Needed!”

  1. Susy Says:

    I was in my friend Caron’s wedding this summer, and her husband, Garrett, is Scott’s cousin. Scott performed the wedding ceremony. She sent a text earlier today asking for prayers, and I’ve been thinking of them and sending prayers up for Jill ever since. Caron said it’s very serious. Thanks for posting.

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