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Get Off Your Tush and Go Outside! November 25, 2008

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Cass has really loved sitting here and looking outside.  I wonder what runs through her little baby mind.  Probably something like, “Mmm.  This ladybug doesn’t taste half bad.”



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I thought the book was better.

Of course, you’d say.  But seriously, there were times I felt sorry for the people in the theater that may not have read the book.  I didn’t see how the movie made sense to them without knowing the feelings or intentions of the characters in the movie.  It made it much more shallow.

This a normal way to feel about a movie when you’re read the book. 

I’ve been reading a lot of others comments, blogs and reviews on the movie/book.  As with anything, there are many opposing views on the morality of the nature of the subject.  I’ve read from those who think supporting the book or movie to any degree is supporting the occult, and I’ve read about others who think that understanding their fascination with Edward has deepened their relationship with Christ. 

I don’t know how much more I’ll read these opinion until I’m finished with all of the books.  I have almost spoiled the story for myself, and Scott can back me up here, I go a little ballistic when a plot gets spoiled.  Even if it gets spoiled for him.  Even if I find out he sought out the end of the book or the movie beforehand.  Even if I catch hm reading the back of the Buffy DVD collection before we watch and episode we’ve already seen 5 times.


Friday Favorites, Issue 2 November 21, 2008

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Hello.  And welcome to Friday Favorites!

I noticed my video from last week quit working and I think that’s a shame.  I hope some of you got to see it, and if you didn’t I highly recommend looking it up on You Tube.  Look for something like “Andy Samberg punching people before they eat.”  And then marvel in the genius of that sentence. 

Let’s get started on some of my favorites this week, shall we?

Are you feeling down?  Feeling blue?  Have I got the thing for you! 


These signs may have been one of the many things that made C&C Music Factory go “hmm”.  They certainly made me.  They don’t just speak truth, they speak it in a way that we can all understand.  Here’s one for my own personal endeavors. 


I’d like to hang that on the wall in my office.  Also know as my living room.  But wait!  There’s more!  There’s not only a sign for all of us, but also for all places.   


This one is for you who have a real office, with real meetings.  May you gracefully spend your time nit-picking over things that don’t matter and inadequatly arguing over solutions that don’t make sense.


You can hang this one at church!


Congress has a new motto. 

Now that we have been demotivated in constructive behavior, let’s move on to hobbies!

  • Cooking! 

It’s the perfect time to get in the kitchen and experiment.  So far I have made pumpkin butter, pumpkin soup, and sweet and savory brandy bread pudding.  Right now they are sitting in the freezer waiting to be dethawed and devoured.  Before our Thanksgiving meal at my mama’s house I will make homemade eggnog and gingerbread white chocolate blondies.  I would like to make pumpkin biscuits, but for some reason I’m not much of a bread/biscuit maker.  I would appreciate any tips or recipes!

I have to wait to make the sweet stuff until right before the party because Scott and I can’t contain ourselves.  We’re talking about two people who ended up with a baby on the way only one month after dating.  Self-control is not our strong suit, people!

  • These dudes.


Uncle Sock and nephew Caleb eating breakfast.  What is it about bedhead that’s so endearing?   

Caleb has trouble saying “Scott” so he just says “Sock”.  Which is actually a lot better if you think about it. 

Y’all get ready for Caleb.  After I get my pictures organized you’ll see much more of him and he is a trip!  He’s 2.  Do I need to say more than that?  I love 2 year olds and I think my little dude has got to be the coolest of them all. 

I’ll let you know how I liked the movie.  I would tell you what I think about the book here, but I think I’ll save it for a post of it’s own.

Have a good weekend!


You Make Bathtime So Much Fun November 20, 2008

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Cass still has to take baths in the kitchen sink because we are still using our bathtub as storage.  I know.  I know.

I know.  I know.  I know.

A few months ago when I saw that she was going to really enjoy bath time I bought her some bath toys.  We started giving her just two or three to play with while we washed her down, but on a whim one night, the same night I apparently lost my mind, I threw her whole collection of toys in the sink during her bath.  There were 10 floating rubber toys circling her like a merry-go-round and – I don’t know how to say this serious enough – she went spastic.  It truly was the happiest moment of her life.  She was watching for the next toy to circle round and she’d pass the toy in her right hand to her left, hold that toy in her mouth, and pick up the next toy with her now empty right hand, throw the toy in her left hand down and pass the right one along.  This started happening at a pretty quick pace and she continued in her cycle for a couple minutes then looked at me with rabid bloodshot eyes and hung her head and sobbed.  SOBBED.

It was hilarious! 

So now we’re back to just 2 or 3 toys. 

She doesn’t know the world of water the tub would offer, and for now that’s ok because you should see the kitchen when she’s done with her bath.  She puts no small amount of effort into throwing the water around. 

Move over, Moses.  There’s a new kid in town.

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Facts About Daily Life: By Kristen and Scott November 19, 2008

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Time we get up: 4:58am                                                          Why we get up:  Cass crows

Second time we get up: 6 something                                       several snoozes later

Exhaustion: unbelievable                                                         I can deal

No heater: Scott moves a space heater to keep us warm         hey! it works

Favorite breakfast: waffles and fried eggs                               not at 4:30am

What we eat: triscuits and coffee                                             cereal, yeah!

Scott’s clothes: hello 1995                                                      1995…good year

My clothes: hello same thing I’ve worn for the last 3 days      um-uh!

Morning routine: Cass crying                                                   planning lesson should’ve done last week

Scott leaving for work: Cass and I crying                                 I miss them already

Passing time: drink 5 cups of coffee                                        2 cups of coffee 1st period planning

Lunch: lean cuisine                                                                   awesome sandwich made by awesome wife

Ponder: what’s a shower feel like these days?                           it feels so good, while there’s hot water

Favorite cocktail: coffee and adderall                                      beer

Favorite cocktail: not gonna happen                                        beer

Favorite cocktail: a girl can dream                                          beer

Cass’ favorite food: paper                                                       mommy

Chores: where do I even start?                                                let me do it

Chores: do I even start?                                                          I ask the same question

Cass: ADORABLE                                                                    Cherub

Last time I brushed my hair: I don’t remember                       I did it, that why she can’t remember

Last time I brushed my teeth: hmmm…                                 Soniccare rules!

Potty break: is it called a break if a baby is on your lap?       Ah, the throne.

Favorite song: Stanley Steamer commercial                           I don’t do advert-is-ments

3 o’clock: watch front door anxiously for Scott                      Don’t show up till 4, big smiles when i get home

Smell: is that me?                                                                 yep

Favorite food: fajitas and burritos                                        steak and potato(e)s, that’s for you Danny

Dinner: lean cuisine                                                             anything Kristen cooks, anything!

Hours spent breastfeeding already today: 28                     our life is different than it used to be

Welcomed change: cool weather                                         still blue sky

Old reliable: boogers                                                          landmines on the bedposts

What I absolutely hate: boogers                                         I love to freak her out

Where I’m from: Earth                                                        they only place that would have her

Where Scott’s from: somewhere it’s OK to scratch your balls in public            Let freedom ring!

TV: excuse to be lazy                                                        damned liberal media

TV: glorious                                                                      choices 

Worst thing Cass put in her mouth today: my toe             remember bedpost ?

Worst thing I put in my mouth today: I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t a cheerio       Ibid

 Number of pounds I lost this month on my diet: 10        she’s lookin’ good y’all

Number of pounds Scott lost this month just switching to diet soda: 15    I’m lookin’ good y’all              

How I feel about that: (insert long uncomfortable silence with deadpan stare here)      uncomfortable silence

Cass bedtime: bunches of kisses                                      so sweet

Breastfeeding: 36                                                               new life

Nighttime: we are professional wrestlers!                          she’s much stronger after pregnancy

Laughs: like crazy!                                                             don’t wake up the baby

Bedtime: Stewart and Colbert                                              I’ll give you a back rub

Back rubs: a must                                                               anytime

Scott going to the bathroom: inevitable                             when you gotta go…

Scott waking up the baby: inevitable                                  you gotta go

Me having to deal with it: inevitable                                   when you need to sleep…

Frustration: outrageous                                           huh?  what’d you say?  I couldn’t hear you.  I was sleeping.

How  handsome Scott is with bedhead: OH MY GOD          she thinks I’m handsome

Love: overflowing                                                               outpouring!

Tomorrow: again please!                                                    can’t wait!


Like It You Will. November 18, 2008

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The force is with her.


It’s Cheaper Than A Flu Shot November 17, 2008

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If you’re anything like me, and you’re probably much more sane, you don’t take the 20 minutes needed to hook up the seat cover on the Walmart cart before you throw you’re kid in and plug her up with a pasi!  The time it takes to install those 30 layers of fabric to the front of my cart can make or break my day.  Here.  Read this article.  Now all you moms out there can join me in a very loud “EEEEEEEW.”  While it’s inevitable that Cass is going to spit out her pasi in a fit of uncontrolled excitement – or fear – at the first person who waves at her, I am willing to let the girl get some germs in order to help her build up that immunity.  In fact we should all just pick a day and take our kids to store, let them lick the carts and each other, and then we should bathe them in the public restrooms. 

It’s cheaper than a flu shot.

And somewhere my mother just gasped outloud.