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Oh My Gawh! October 31, 2008

Filed under: Day to Day — familydunn @ 12:40 am

I bit off all my nails.  Why?  Why did I do this you ask? 

I really don’t have a reason.

Boredom.  I guess.  Although some would argue that it’s hard to be bored when you never have a free second.  I would argue that I defy the very nature of rationality and therefore, screw you!  But that wouldn’t be nice.

I’m kidding – and the reason I want to say that I’m kidding is because some of the girls that read this I can’t imagine saying that to.  They are honest and sweet and are probably horrified by my crass jokes.  But they are way to kind to say anything about it to me.  ALL THE MORE PROVING THEIR SWEETNESS!

Thanks girls for reading my blog and not manipulating me into a guilt trip.  The only person I’ve ever known to let a gal maintain her dignity when acting stupid was Jesus, and I appreciate y’all acting like him.  That’s what the world needs.  That’s what the church needs, too. 

I’m working on a lot of blogs so stay tuned.  We’ve had a lot happen in our life recently and we’re working on making it what we want it to be.  We’re finding that life, challenging and difficult as it is, is more exciting and more provocative with each new struggle.  So…Dear Life…have I told you lately to BRING IT ON!!!


2 Responses to “Oh My Gawh!”

  1. tootie fruity Says:

    thanks kristen, i know i am a great person but a comparison to jesus is not necessary. in the mean time i am going to kill nazis. peace ouuuuuut

  2. familydunn Says:

    Thanks Tootie Fruity. Sleeping in your foxhole lately?

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