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An Elliott. A Dunn. A Pasci. A Gunn. October 8, 2008

Filed under: Beautiful People — familydunn @ 12:42 am

I was glad to get to see on old friend and her little boy a few weeks ago and I tried to get some pictures of her babe Ian and Cass.  Getting those two to look at the camera at that time was like trying to get something that didn’t want to do something to do something else.  Most people agree that I’m a literally literary genius. 


What Emily doesn’t know is that while she wasn’t looking I saw Cass put Ian’s entire head in her mouth. 

Hoping to see these guys again real soon!


2 Responses to “An Elliott. A Dunn. A Pasci. A Gunn.”

  1. Sherri Hogue Says:

    Hi Kristen…This is aunt Sherri. I am visiting w/Mema & she was showing me pics of Cassidy… Beautiful Baby!!! I visited several pages, enjoying pics & writings.
    “My Husband the Entertainer” Scott sounds like a good guy. You have a beautiful family…Enjoy each other daily, even through the crying, crawling, smiles, giggles, & even the poopy diapers…etc :>)
    Love Sherri

  2. familydunn Says:

    Why Hello Aunt Sherri!
    It’s been a while! Yes, Cass is very pretty, but she looks just like Scott, so I didn’t have much to do with that. You’d never know from the 80 pounds I’m carrying, but such is the price…and Scott is a good man. We are learning to enjoy the chaos.
    Love you guys!

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