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Why I am Denouncing the Republican Party. September 20, 2008

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The reason I can no longer stand for the Republican party (with their “religious right”-ness and their faces painted red) is because they are exploiting the Christians.  We owe the biggest apology to rest of the world because we preach love – the greatest commandment and the Right’s actions are completely out of sort with that.  They want to force “Christian values” upon the rest of the nation: abortion, marriage, war, even death (euthanasia) and health care, and they will gladly and willingly use the government to put people under the stone cold condemnation of THEIR OWN law, all the while screaming about separation of church and state.  The Right is doing this under a Christian guise and while they want to enforce their laws upon the masses, they want their pocket books all to themselves!  

Dear Internet savvy people and blog readers, I am so sorry I have been the person I described above.  I am working on becoming different.  There is no excuse for my past behavior and it brings me sorrow.  I was wrong.  Please forgive me.

It is horrifying to see Christians just fall in line and spout off the same rhetoric – involving fear tactics and irrational assumptions – trying to influence the rest of the Body of Christ to do the same.  

I’m not just trying to get people to think.  I want us to think critically!  Think about why people are different.  Why they want things.  Why they think their solutions are workable.  Let’s get to know (and LOVE) our neighbors and maybe we will come to understand their needs and how to help them!

There are definite absolutes, but the world is not black and white! And we can take comfort in the knowledge that what we think the truth is has no effect on what the truth actually is!  We seem so unbelievably arrogant when we act as if we’ve got a monopoly on truth.  If we believe a lie, it’s still a lie.  If something is true and we don’t believe it to be true, it’s still true!  Our belief system is not what creates truth!  We MUST keep open minds, willing to hear criticism and challenges.

I think, because I’ve been that kind of person before, that it’s easy to be arrogant when you’ve never really messed up BIG TIME and had to be saved from something you knew you couldn’t get out of by yourself.  I thank God that He let me become something horrifying so that I would never forget who I become without Him.  I thank Him for letting me see that grace is sufficient and very relevant for today’s world.  I am very grateful that He has given me friends many different places and perspectives in life so that I can always be reminded of how it feels to be on the outside looking in on other Christian’s who seem to have it all figured out. 

Lord, help us.  It’s no wonder there are those who run from us screaming. 

Oh, Jesus, come quickly and set up your kingdom!  In the meantime, teach us how to genuinely love you and love others.


3 Responses to “Why I am Denouncing the Republican Party.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    With their right-ness, their faces painted red, their cowboy hats in the air and their “drill baby drill” and other blank-faced, brainwashed chants and weirdnesses.

    Finally, someone who’s speaking my language! I wasn’t sure there was another one out there outside my immediate family! Do you know Jonathan personally or are you out there in cyberspace? If you really know him, I’m relieved. I was starting to think he didn’t have any friends who thought any differently than him….scary!

    To be a Republican today is to accept the status quo, and hope beyond hope that the trickle down effect will finally make things better for our, what, great great great great grandchildren? I’m not willing to wait. I am for any and all reform that will make success possible for ALL Americans, not just the ones born rich or gifted enough to invent something huge or win American idol or something. Change TODAY, Change NOW. I am like Jon, I don’t think any one person is the “answer” to all our problems, I just think the Dems are far more likely to TRY to change things for the better than the R’s.

    Man, I wish we could get our conversations past “lipstick” (and since when is it becoming to compare oneself to a friggin pitbull??). When are we going to talk about the elephants in the room, like the problem of women in the workforce? I mean, thank goodness we have the option to work because Lord knows most of us have to work to get by, but if we must work, then how can we stay connected enough with our kids to maintain relationships with and influence over them so as, let’s say, to prevent them from looking for it elsewhere and ending up with a teen pregnancy, and you know where the rest of that story goes. What about public transportation? How are people expected to get work when the places within walking distance aren’t hiring? What can we do about the absolute demise of the public school system (at least in the South, probably other places, too)? Can we think outside the box for a second and consider encouraging mothers to not work and homeschool instead–like what about tax breaks for THOSE people? I don’t know. I am so ready for change it’s ridiculous, and the obvious change candidate is Obama. Interesting how the R’s saw their change platform being so effective that they took it on as their own!??? Then they quit criticizing (well not really quit but quieted down a bit) Obama for being “young and inexperienced” and brought on an even younger even more inexperienced VP candidate and started accusing Democrats of doing what they have been doing for more than a year. AAAARRRRGH! anyway, sorry for the mini-rant, but there will be more to come, i’m sure!

  2. Peter Says:

    I want trickle-up economics. Just sayin’.

    Seriously though, it’s funny how the Democrats have basically ceded the whole topic of religion and spirituality to the Republicans for the last 25 years. That is starting not to be the case.

    Have you read “Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism” by Bishop Spong?

    How are you guys, by the way? How’s the kiddo? And school?

  3. amyh Says:

    i love republicans i wish they would all get together and have a giant costume party on a tiny island somewhere waaaay out in the ocean. and then i wish for an earthquake so ginormous that it swallows the island whole. i love republicans. and pot roast and vitamin water (the kelly clarkson kind)

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