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Big Girl Cass. September 5, 2008

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It’s almost 9 this morning and you’re already down for your nap.  You woke up after Daddy left for school today (you saw him enough last night!) and Mommy has a sore neck and can’t move her head much, so you were stuck playing by yourself for a couple hours.  I know it’s mean to let you cry, but it’s the only time you say “Mama” so I let you cry often just to hear it. 

Anyways, little one, you got sleepy around 8:30 and I painfully picked you up and held you in the rocking chair.  We rocked for a while and you cried.  Michael Buble started singing on the TV and you calmed down to watch him.  He sang for a while on the Today Show and eventually lulled you to sleep.  (Thank you, Michael Buble!)  I sat for a while looking at your long little legs.  They fall off of my legs now and your feet hang over inside the arm of the chair.  I remember when you were so tiny.  When you were tiny I never thought you were tiny.  I’ve always thought you were a big girl.  I imagine in the future I’ll look back to the time when you were 6 months, just getting your first tooth, learning to crawl, having some uncharacteristic crying spells (and hoping they don’t become characteristic) and think about how tiny you were.  But for now, this morning, when I hold you, maybe it’s because I love you so much, you seem big. 


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