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Oh Politics! How In-Definitive You Are! September 4, 2008

Filed under: The God Delusion — familydunn @ 11:03 pm

I’ve read a lot of my Christian friend’s notes about politics and, being from the deep south, they of course have established the political right with being “right” as in “right and wrong”.  I have even received emails and messages from people who would not claim to believe in God urging me to vote Republican because it’s “what Jesus would do”.  Frankly, I want to be more responsible with my soul than to let nominal beliefs or structures to rule my actions.  Not only do I want to know why I believe what I believe, I want to make sure that my actions are a result of that – not the influence of other people!

As a Christian, I want to remind my friends (as I’m due for a check myself) that our ultimate goal is to love. Love our neighbors. Love the unborn. Love the people in Iraq. Love the homeless. Love the children. Love people of the other political party. Love the women who have abortions. Love the soldiers that murder the people in Iraq – as well as the people who kill the soldiers. Love the people who make life hard for the homeless. Love the wayward fathers and cynical teachers.

This is such an impossible standard, yet it is our standard!  I understand that we will not be perfect – something I’m grateful for – but I want perspective.  I want to bypass having a few “hot button” issues rule my thoughts.  The world is much bigger, and deserves much more consideration than that.

This election is about much more than hot button issues. The fact is, evil is everywhere. You cannot escape it by putting a particular candidate in office.

I am hoping that as followers of Christ we will be able to set aside our political agendas and look at the big picture. All of us need to pray as to what God would have us do. It’s wrong to kill a baby in a doctor’s office. It’s wrong to kill a person in war. It’s wrong to prefer greed to sacrifice for the common good.

I hate that as smart as my Christian friends are, we are not solving problems by thinking about the issues that plague us. Abortion is not the end of the scope. There is genocide going on in world as I type this. Why are we complaining about our tax dollars when much of Africa doesn’t have water to drink?

Praise God for Compassion! I’m glad that at the times I’ve needed it from other people I’ve received it, and I pray that when the time comes I’ll be able to give as I’ve received. He who loves much has been loved much.


3 Responses to “Oh Politics! How In-Definitive You Are!”

  1. Susy Says:

    Thank you for this lovely post. I agree completely. While we may not agree with other people’s actions, being a Christian says that we love them as our bothers and sisters in Christ anyway. Being in Yankeeland, I come in contact with people everyday that do not share my beliefs. They think I am crazy, unsophisticated, and uneducated because of what I believe. But what they do not realize is that I believe that no matter what, we are all God’s children…it is not my place to judge them…we will be judged by a higher power someday, and I will have to answer for a lot too. We all just need to get along. My experiences in life have led me to the path where I am, they are the same. It is not my job to tell them what they need or should want, and vice versa. Thank you for having a logical opinion…I wish all Christians were as compassionate as they claim to be. Sorry for the novel…and thanks for reading my blog. Yours is very enjoyable also…and what a cute baby girl!!!!!

  2. Vicki Courtney Says:

    Kristen, a comment you made on my blog is creating a firestorm of sorts among military wives and moms. Here is a comment I received from someone else in regard to the comment you made (same text as above):

    “One other thing too – and I hope I am not opening up a huge can of worms here – but as the wife of a former soldier and war veteran, I take huge exception to the statement “soldiers that murder people in Iraq” in a previous post. I know the commenter was trying to point out to love all people but . . . please folks – even if you don’t agree with the military DO NOT try to paint them as murderers. It is ironic that the commenter attached the word murder to the soldiers, but only used the word kill for the people who attack the soldiers. There is a huge difference in the connotations of those two words.”

    I cautioned commenters to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you typed that phrase in haste, but the comments keep coming in and alot of folks are hurt by the choice of words. I don’t want to lend to the firestorm so I’m not posting the comments until I hear from you. I just wanted to give you a heads up. It might be a good idea for you to make a statement if you feel that your words misrepresent your intent. I feel certain that you didn’t really mean to portray our troops as “murderers.”

  3. familydunn Says:

    This is the reply that I left on Vicki’s blog. And please know that I am open to opposing comments. I want to better myself. I wish there were an easier way, but I’ve found that the best way for me to learn is to be challenged in my thoughts and actions! Here’s the reply to the comment:

    Vicki, feel free to post any comments along with my explanation.
    I am truly sorry that I have offended so many people. That was never my intent. I assume that you probably know better than anyone that when you write you have to mince words. After I read your comment on my blog I realized that I did not clearly represent my thoughts or intentions when using the words “kill” and “murder.” Obviously these words have very different connotations and honestly I would never imply that soldiers “murder” while enemies of soldiers or other entities only “kill.” When I speak of the tragedy of war I am speaking of the collateral damage: civilians, women and children, bystanders, journalists, as well as the soldiers, who put their hearts, minds, and lives at risk. I guess I assumed that people would understand from the rest of the context that I was aiming for unity in the Body, not discord. It breaks my heart that I did not communicate well, and that I have hurt some hearts.

    While I do struggle to understand war and the need for this war specifically, I am in no way “against” the military. I am thankful for the military and thankful that I live in a country that offers me the freedom that it does.

    As far as being a Christian goes I never want to think that America has a monopoly on truth or Christ. I was born American, but I am a patriot only to the King and His Kingdom. My brothers and sisters in Christ extend way beyond the borders of this country. That being said, I am grateful to all the families who have offered services to maintain our freedom here on this soil and abroad.

    I am learning how to communicate in a way that does not offend and this has definitely been what I would call “a learning experience.” Again guys, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

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