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We’re Here! August 29, 2008

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Professor Cass, reporting:

Finally settled!  If you call 85 degree heat on the inside dust filled house that’s overflowing with boxes and baby toys.  Yes.  We’re here.  South Arkansas.  Where the window units never cool the house off more than 20 degrees from the outside temperature and you sweat dirt. 

Cass’ play matt is always covered in a mess.  We can’t exactly figure out what the problem is, so we’re reverted to the tride and true method of keeping the house clean that our mothers always used.  We take our shoes off at the door.  And they thought they had no influence!

Because we were busy not having a house over the summer, I could not blog unless I went to the local McDonald’s.  And since I’ve sworn off McDonald’s I went there anyway to get my Internet fix.  Alas, the intelligent folks behind the counter did not know how to reply to me asking about Wi-Fi.  I did not know how to reply when they said, “What’s that?”  No.  Honestly.  They said that.  I do believe I’m the first person to have ever asked about using Wi-Fi even though they have a HUGE sign in the window that says “WE HAVE WI-FI!”  Welcome to South Arkansas, where we live a decade behind the rest of the world.  It’s a place your great grandparents will feel comfortable. 

So, just a few changes in Cass over the summer.

First she learned how to roll over.


Then she learned how to laugh. 


Then she learned how to roll anywhere she wants to go, always with her constant companion – the string of drool that drags the ground behind her.


Then she learned how to sit up. 

The other day she fed herself a bottle

When she had sucked the thing dry, she rolled across the living room to her toys and started playing all by herself!  No need for mother’s help!  Apparently in two weeks she’ll be starting college.  Somebody hand me a Kleenex!

She also eats semi-solids now!  And she loves it!


Cass also cries “MAMAMAMAMA!” when she wants something.  Hopefully I’ll get that on video sometime and share that will you.

I will be posting a bunch of our summer pictures, letting you guys know what’s up with Scott’s new job, telling you about family vacations and any other even that happened over the last three months in future blogs in the upcoming days.  I hope to post a few things each week now that we are back in full swing of having a somewhat daily schedule.  But for now, because I promised my BFF Iams that she’d get to see some sweet Cass pictures, I’ll deliver the funniest of the bunch. 

For Amy’s Enjoyment:

A True Addict.  There’s much pasci love in this house.

Her feet really are the size of her head!

She likes to lick stuff…

Cowgirl, Jr.

Pageing ET.

This is what happens when Daddy dresses me.

This one really scares me.  I can’t look at it too long.

Cass is biting me.  It looks like I’m biting her back, but she just likes to put her hand in my mouth.  It’s like her cozy little hand home.

These two are crazy in love!  I’ve never seen two babies like each other so much!



2 Responses to “We’re Here!”

  1. Halee Says:

    I enjoy keeping up with you through your blogs, I feel like a stalker, mostly because you never reply to me, but I figure that’s ok, cause I think you made a pretty baby. 🙂

  2. Yea for a new post!!! I loved all the pictures of Cass. Why do babies have to grow so fast?? And I second the comment about South Arkansas being a decade behind. That was funny stuff.

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