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A Day at the Park, Literally June 3, 2008

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This is the babe at the park.  She’s already having fun.

Check out the incridible drool shot.  You may have to inlarge the picture to see it.  That means you click on it, Mom.  Just once, ok?

Scott flew Cass around in the hanging leaves.  She liked that, although we didn’t capture a smile.  The camera distracts her.

This next one turned out amazing, I think.  The leaves are perfectly surrounding her eye, like a looking glass. 

Cass really loves it when I let my hair hang in her face. Weird, I know, but she is my child, after all.  It’s something we do pretty much everyday.

These next pictures deserve and Academy Award.  I think they look really good, good enough to win awards for film, apparetnly.  No, I’m not bias.


I’m the King of the World.

This is the babe’s first time to sit in the grass.  She didn’t know what to think at first.


Obviously her conclusion was that grass is food.

And I just like the way this looks.  It’s kind of serene.

Isn’t she pretty?

Yes, she is pretty.

And that concludes our day at the park.  Although I should add this picture.

Scott pointed this cloud out to me, and then I heard him mumble to himself in a distant reflective tone, “It’s a loner.  It’s a rebel.  Just like me.” 

Oh.  My.  Word. 

I still giggle when I think about it.