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My Husband the Entertainer May 22, 2008

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Most of you reading this are probably my mom or my grandpa, so you already know that Scott is looking for a new job in his actual field of study.  Teachering.  He wants to learn the kids to read.  And to read makes their speaking english good.

Anywho, I am so proud of this guy.  I have so much to write, or blog – if you will, about lately, but never enough time to sit and get anything accomplished.  Most of the the day I’ve got my wee one on my arm, and when I have two hands to use, I use them to pack boxes.  However, I wanted to share a list of 33 things that I love about my Number One Man in honer of his birthday last Thursday.

  1. He loves me.  Yeah, it’s more about me than him, but let me tell you, the man loves me.  Can’t get enough of me.  Watches out the door for me to pull in the driveway kind of love.  And I love him too.  I am his treasure, and I love it!
  2. He is the most kind hearted person I’ve ever known.  I’ve seen him in some sticky – irritating – situations, and he always maintains his cool.  He rarely says a harsh word to, or even about, anyone.
  3. He actually gives new foods a chance!
  4. He is a great Daddy.  He gets up in the night if he needs to, and he doesn’t complain.  He changes diapers, gives baths, has playtime, reads, rocks, and laughs with our babe.  She is completely smitten with him, and I have no doubt that I will now be the sole disciplinarian of the house.
  5. He is not afraid to say “no” to me.  In all actuality, I know he will be able to say no to Cassidy too.
  6. He is a pack-ratto say the least, but he has cool trinkets from his childhood lying around the house.  He loves the sentiment and the memories.
  7. He says he wants to learn to cook, but when it’s dinner time he’s ready to eat whatever I can make.  Hunger is not a learning state for him.
  8. He cares way more about making a difference in the world, living a full life, and being happy than he does making money or being safe.  He is a good balance of danger and caution.
  9. He has not hesitated to tell people that he’s not out for money, even when he’s criticized for it.
  10. He cried when explaining the ending of Quantum Leap to me. 
  11. He got all emotional during Dan in Real Life and then sobbed over Cass for a while.
  12. He reminds me to get over myself.
  13. He works hard.  Is constantly acknowledged as the hardest working man at his job.  He’s got a crazy work ethic.  It demands him to break a sweat almost everyday.
  14. My nephew fell in love with him, and he will willingly play for hours in the hot hot sun with a insatiable two year old who calls him “Sock.”
  15. His own niecesand nephews adore him and get really really rambuncious when he’s around, but he pays attention to each of them.  He really likes to read books to them and help them with school work.
  16. He has the ability to think things through before he acts.
  17. He is very serious, but will gladly have fun when I ask him to.  Infact, he wakes up a little more goofy each day.
  18. He is creatively funny. 
  19. Awesome is a complete understatement when tryingto describe his video-ing skills.  We bought a video camera a few months before Cass was born.  The first thing he did was film our fan, zoom in on the lights, and declare in his best cinematic narrative, “Inside the light bulb lives a creature few have ever seen!”
  20. Try as i might, he is totally and completely and utterly stuck in 90s fashion. 
  21. He will forever love KISS.
  22. When he was a kid he formed an air band that “played” covered of early 80s rock songs.  The bands name was Iron Cross.  They put on a show for the neighborhood in St. Louis before he moved to Batesville.  Scott multitasked rocking both the air guitar and a quasi-mullet.
  23. When I have nightmares he scoots closer to me and says “I got ya.” before he drifts back to sleep.
  24. He gives me a back massage every single night.  And has since the week we started dating.
  25. He is the defender of breastfeeding.  Oh, how I thank him!
  26. He dreams about moving to Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Fransisco, Chicago, or somewhere north with me.
  27. He refuses to fight with me, even when I push his buttons.
  28. He is a strange form of neat-freak.  Throwing anything and everything into a drawer or closet to merely have the appearance of organization.
  29. He likes to take me shopping.
  30. He knows how to be thrifty.
  31. He grows out his beard only to cut it, and cuts it only to grow it out again.  And he laughs when people say, “I like your face.”
  32. He plays basketball to have fun.  He plays golf to remind himself that there are other sports he enjoys more than golf.
  33. He is absolutely positively certainly the most fun person to have at a party.

I love you, Scott.  I hope we can make 33 a good year!


2 Responses to “My Husband the Entertainer”

  1. mom Says:

    you rock!!!!! iam so glad you two found each other!!!! and thanks for my princess!!!!

  2. Leah Lowe Says:

    Okay that was the sweetest thing I have read in a long time and I am not your mom or grandpa! I don’t even know him, but I think I really like Scott!

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