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Hard Work Makes a Tired Baby April 30, 2008

Filed under: Cassidy — familydunn @ 6:04 pm

Even though Cassidy seems to be getting much better, she lost weight at her last doctor appointment.  We are having to entice her to eat.  I was giving her a bottle before her morning nap today and after a few minutes of her shaking her head telling me no, she started finally started drinking.  I was praising her for being such a good baby until I noticed that she was indeed sucking the milk from the bottle and spitting it out the side of her mouth that I couldn’t see. 

Seeing that my baby had deceived me for the first time I said, “You tricked me!”  She laughed.  So I put the bottle down and let her go to sleep.

Because, let’s face it:  That brand of manipulation is hard work!  It takes careful planning and detailed execution.  And after all that, a girl’s got to get her beauty sleep!


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