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Figuring Out This Blog Thing… April 13, 2008

Filed under: Cassidy,Marriage,Scott,Something New — familydunn @ 4:14 am

Scott and I are very productive people. Two days ago we celebrated the year anniversary of our first date. A year ago it was April 8th, Easter Sunday. We went to a Mexican restaurant and discussed mixing queso and salsa, Jesus, family, drugs, and work. I have to say it was the first date I’ve ever been on where the man actually had chivalry. He opened all the doors, paid for my meal, treated me like a lady. He didn’t even try to kiss me!

A year later we are married and have a black kitty named Posey and a 5 week old baby girl called Cass.

All The Dunn Girls!

We’re just figuring out life as it comes (kinda like this blog) and chasing down our dreams – kid and cat in tow.


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