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Hard Work Makes a Tired Baby April 30, 2008

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Even though Cassidy seems to be getting much better, she lost weight at her last doctor appointment.  We are having to entice her to eat.  I was giving her a bottle before her morning nap today and after a few minutes of her shaking her head telling me no, she started finally started drinking.  I was praising her for being such a good baby until I noticed that she was indeed sucking the milk from the bottle and spitting it out the side of her mouth that I couldn’t see. 

Seeing that my baby had deceived me for the first time I said, “You tricked me!”  She laughed.  So I put the bottle down and let her go to sleep.

Because, let’s face it:  That brand of manipulation is hard work!  It takes careful planning and detailed execution.  And after all that, a girl’s got to get her beauty sleep!


The Many Faces of Cassidy April 25, 2008

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Happy Cass

Sad Cass

Found My Tongue!

Me and Dad Play “Don’t Drop the Wedding Ring!”


At the Park!

Sleepy Cass

Sleeping Cass

Turban and a Pasci, Two Bits!

In my Carseat!

Glow Worm Cass!

Playful Cass

Amy as Cass



1 Corinthians 2:9 April 22, 2008

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Late at night, as it is now, I often sit and wonder about what life will be like.  I am more prone to this habit now than I ever have been, although I’ve been known as a daydreamer my whole life and can remember doing this as early as 5 or 6.  I wonder more and more about Cassidy and who she will be.  I am asking God to, even now, prepare her a heart that will love Him more than anyone or anything else in the world.  Scott and I struggle so much to be the people that we want to be.  We have the best of intentions, but really, who cares about intentions?  I certainly don’t! 

The thing is, and maybe I’m the only one, but I have a feeling down deep in my gut that says that life is more than what we know it to be now.  It’s bigger.  It’s better, even.  I want to know what the “abundant” part of “abundant life” is.  I want to know what Jesus meant when He said that we can have it.  I want it!  And I believe that we can have it.  (I believe that you can have it, too.  God is not partial.  And if He’d be willing to get involved with me, you can bet He’d be willing to do the same for you.  You wouldn’t believe the things about me if I told you myself!)

My heart races at the thought that maybe I’m missing something.  That getting to know this God, the One and Only, the Christ, could unleash something so powerful that it could overtake me, my house, my family…I want that.  I’m not just talking about being weird, because heaven knows I’m already there, and I’m not talking about being judgemental, because regrettably I’ve been there too.  I am talking about something so great that I can’t even imagine it for myself.  I feel a prick in my heart.  It burns in my soul. 

What is it? 

There’s something brewing on the edge of what I know.  It’s just across the line I’ve never crossed.  It marks the place I’ve never been but always longed to go.  And from this place God calls, “Come!  I’ve prepared a banquet!”

I’m hungry.  I think I’ll go!

This life is meant to be lived, Friends.  Love is meant to be felt.  Don’t cut yourself short of the good stuff! 


Nursing, Diets, and Baby Weight April 17, 2008

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So the doctor decided that it would be best if Cass temporarily be put on a predigested formula that is specially made for babies who cannot digest cow’s milk proteins.  I was really bummed because I was very determined to strictly breastfeed until she was old enough to start eating.  I was not reluctant to allow the treatment, although, because of course I want her to get better.  Depriving Cass of the breast ensued a temper tantrum the size of Texas, but Scott soon told me to pull myself together!  I knew that nursing was the only way Cass knew to comfort herself, but I didn’t know until recently how much it comforted me.  It was special Mommy/Baby Bonding time.  And now it’s gone…

Now she’ll gladly take a bottle (ewww) filled with formula (ewwww) from Daddy (ewwww – kidding) or Nana or the UPS delivery guy for all she cares, just as long as she can eat.  One thing I can say for the girl is that she, at only 6 weeks old, has totally figured out that eating is a recreational activity, and should not only be done, but overdone.  And I must say, I am a proud proud Mama!

Lest you think I am willing to teach my child to be a glutton I must say this:  I am going on a gluten-free, casein-free diet so that I can hopefully nurse (if only the medical kind) her back to health.  That means no milk or flour of most any kind.  I’m not sure yet what I can eat, but I’m sure it’ll be lovely.  I just love the taste of flax seeds and beets.  Yum!  On the bright side, it’ll help me loose the baby weight.  The Lord Jesus knows there’s certianly enough of that to lose.  I was very confused when the nice people at the hospital sent me home with only one baby.  I was sure I was going to give birth to a third grader or enough infants to make the equivalent of one.  I mean, just look at this!

Impressive, no?  Well now that’s you’ve taken a look at that I got to tell you, that is THREE WEEKS before I actually gave birth to the should-have-been elementary school sized baby.  There were times when I would have sworn she was not the size of a student.  Oh no.  I would have meant she’s the size of the school.  A full building, this kid.  But she was delivered into the world at only 9 pounds and 4 ounces.  Not to shabby, but not nearly the Schwarzenegger-esque being I’d imagined.  Too bad I can no longer say the same thing for myself…

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  God says so.  And there’s no way the world’s idea of beautiful can top that!


Job Hunting, First Sickness, and Dogsitting April 14, 2008

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Cass is sick.

She’s got us all worried.  We know she’ll get sick, but I had no idea how much it would effect me.  She diarrheaed all over me a few days ago.  I was OK with it, but Scott was not.  He couldn’t quit wincing and yelling, “Ooooooh! Oooooh! Eeeeeeeewwwww! Groooooosss!”  It made me laugh to see him so grossed out.  He’s a great Daddy, by the way!  I have no doubt that if I hadn’t been here he’d of had no problem cleaning it up by himself.

The doctor’s got me on a dairy-free diet to see if Cass’ tummy will react better that way.  I hope so!  Please pray that it will.  When it all boils down Scott and I are just scared kids trying to hold ourselves together.  It’s impossible to tell where we’d be without real love.  We are both such prodigals – definitely undeserving of what we have.

Scott is hunting for a teaching job.  He gets up first in the morning and Cass and usually pass out in bed for a while longer.  I woke up to this a few days ago.

I\'ve had to explain several times that the baby monitor is not a walkie-talkie!

On another note, we are dogsitting for my best pal, Amyh, who I would gladly link here, but I can’t figure out her myspace url.

Emily is our favorite dog.  If we could have a dog we would want Emily.  She’s a good dog.

Next time:  hair bows, doctor visits, and hopefully some really good news!


Figuring Out This Blog Thing… April 13, 2008

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Scott and I are very productive people. Two days ago we celebrated the year anniversary of our first date. A year ago it was April 8th, Easter Sunday. We went to a Mexican restaurant and discussed mixing queso and salsa, Jesus, family, drugs, and work. I have to say it was the first date I’ve ever been on where the man actually had chivalry. He opened all the doors, paid for my meal, treated me like a lady. He didn’t even try to kiss me!

A year later we are married and have a black kitty named Posey and a 5 week old baby girl called Cass.

All The Dunn Girls!

We’re just figuring out life as it comes (kinda like this blog) and chasing down our dreams – kid and cat in tow.